Southern Comfort. The warmth of Russian hospitality
Black Sea. South of Russia Region

About us

Krasnodar Krai is a piece of heaven on Earth. It’s a gorgeous region nestled between the Black and the Azov seas, surrounded by the Caucasus mountain range. We love this unique and picturesque part of Russia and we would like to make you fall in love with our dear motherland as well, feel the warmth of our southern sun, the freshness of our mountain air and taste the purity of our Kuban natural springs. That’s why we started this company – Southern Comfort.  We invite you to come and visit Kuban! Welcome to the world where warm heart wins over cold blood. Here – every step is a discovery. Here the air is filled with adventure. Here you find something new everywhere you look. New experiences and magical memories await!

Feel the warmth of Russian hospitality!

Breathtaking landscapes, magnificent mountains, whitewater rivers – we invite you to see it all in the south of Russia. Here you will follow the trails laid by first settlers, visit places of ancient battles as well as relatively recent battles of the Cossacks and the Turks. Whitewater rafting in the mountains will provide an ideal balance of adrenaline and fun. Getting a little wet won’t spoil the thrill!

We will help you open the world of Russia’s south. We will take care of trip planning for you. We are capable of accommodating a group of any size, as well as individual travelers seeking adventure.

You will explore the real world of the natives, taste their dishes cooked with locally grown organic products. Award winning wines produced in this region are sure to impress you.

If you long to escape the crowds and see gorgeous places off the beaten path, if you’d like to climb above the clouds and touch the plants that survived the ice age, if you are interested in having a conversation with the locals about life in attempt to try and get to the core of mysterious Russian soul – then you absolutely have to visit the south of Russia. Only here you will truly experience authentic Russian hospitality. And you will want to come back here over and over again.

Your Southern Comfort team