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Lagonaki plateau
Lagonaki is the most beautiful vacation spot in the mountain region of Krasnodar Krai, one of the most beautiful places in Russia. Here you can find mountain coppices, deciduous woods, gloomy rocks, reserve meadows, mountain plains, majestic tops of the mountains covered with glaciers, lots of the most interesting caves, rattling falls, streams, and blue lakes.

It is good to have a rest here at any time of the year. Staying in Lagonaki in summer is wonderful, you can hide from the scorching sun in the thick of the wood, bathe in the mountain river. In winter Lagonaki's landscapes aren't less beautiful. On the snow-covered mountain slopes you can sledge, play snowballs, and drink the tastiest tea with the local honey from the real Russian samovar. In spring, after long winter months, the grass here turns green a little earlier and, probably, because of that it seems much brighter and more juicy. In autumn the mountain vegetation pleases the eye by the widest palette of natural colors, from green to bright red.

On the whole territory of Lagonaki’s uplands, except for specially protected reserves, "soft" forms of tourism are actively developing: pedestrian, horse, bicycle tourism, the day off routes and various excursions: caves, dolmens, falls, panoramas and lots of other interesting places.

Lagonaki is not only a wonderful place with wonderful mountain air and delightful mountain landscapes. Here you will be offered practically all possible types of outdoor activities: rafting, jeeping, speleotourism, flying a hang-glider and, certainly, mountain skiing, snowboarding and sledging. Also it is always possible to take a steam bath in the Russian banya on the firewood with a font from the mountain stream.

The people who are fond of "contemplative" rest can infinitely admire the surrounding beauty or listen to the local legends sitting by the hot fireplace with a cup of tasty mulled wine or strong fragrant tea.

Having visited Lagonaki at least once, you will remember its primitive beauty for the rest of your life. And surely you will come here again!
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