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Mountains and vast forests surrounding Mezmay are a hiker’s heaven. Even those who come here all the time always discover something new. Village of Mezmay lies in the south-east of Apsheronsky District of Krasnodar Krai. It’s located in the narrow valley between 3 mountain ranges – Azish, Guam and Lago-Naki and is divided by the canyon carved by river Kurdzhips where it once was a lake. In the Adyghe language Mezmay  means “apple blossom”. In spring the whole village gets covered in apple blossom and in its beauty can only be compared to Japan at the time of sakuras blooming.

Mezmay was founded in 1868 as a settlement for lumberjacks and gold miners. The distance between Mezmay and Krasnodar is approximately 180km; the closest settlement is village of Guamka in about 9km. Mezmay is often called “Russian Klondike” – a settlement hidden in between gorges with one dirt road leading to it.

Geo-anomalous zone of Lago-Naki Highlands stretches right across Mezmay. This place possesses enormous energy. Not far from the village along the Kurdzhips river there lies an ancient settlement of prehistoric people – it is the Mezmay Cave. Here one can find unique wonders of nature: gorges, river canyons, rocks, grottos, caves, waterfalls, crystal clear springs and mountain ranges.

Exclusively for Mezmay visitors we have created tours of this picturesque area. The groups are accompanied by experienced tour guides. Visitors get to see monuments created by people who lived here hundreds of years ago: dolmens, barrows of the Scythians, caves, settlements of prehistoric people and many others. After a long day of hiking spend the evening at the cozy hotel by the fire pit and taste local cuisine along with a cup of hot tea made with the herbs that grow right here in the nearby mountains. Meet the locals. People who live here possess a rare combination of such traits as hospitality, humor, open-heartedness and generosity. Everything about Mezmay is inviting. Here time flows slowly and peacefully. Fresh mountain air of Mezmay fills the lungs of its guests and gives you an unbelievable energy boost.

Mezmay and its surroundings have a huge number of observation points where you can enjoy the beauty of its virgin nature untouched by civilization; abundant waterfalls magnetizing with their strength and purity as well as many other sights that are worth exploring.     

No words can truly depict the beauty of this place. Come and see for yourself. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy peace and quiet. Mezmay is the place where everyone finds peace for heart and soul and gets recharged.

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