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The Black Sea Coast
 The Black Sea is a wonderful creation of nature. It is one of the youngest seas on the planet, so it is still in the process of change. Albeit slowly and imperceptibly to human eyes, but the Black Sea gains 20-25 cm from the land every century. The Greek city built on its banks once already disappeared under the water. Earlier, at the childhood of the world, the Black Sea was not as calm; its waters were dark during bad weather. Perhaps, that is why it took its current name. Scientists argue about this, but a consensus hasn’t been reached. All the more so now storms on the Black Sea arise no more than twenty days a year, and at other times it has an unmatched azure emerald hue. It reflects the cloudless blue sky and mountains covered with evergreen forests.

The Russian Black Sea region is often called the “Russian Riviera” for the mild climate and beautiful views. Caucasus Mountains reliably protect the coast from cold and dry winds; there is almost always warm and soft weather, as if willfully ordered for a great stay.

More than 300 days in a year sunshine is on the Black Sea resorts. A variety of beaches is here - from soft with fine sand to stiff ones with large cobble. Most of them are located in the cozy bays banded by mountains all around. The mountain slopes are covered with evergreen and mixed forests.
Every year the unique climate and warm clear Black Sea attract on the Black Sea coast a lot of tourists from all over the world. Indeed relaxing on the sea - it is always pleasurable.
The nature of the Krasnodar Territory will not leave anyone indifferent, the picturesque landscape of sea coast, ranges and plains interspersed with mountain ranges affect with its grandeur and beauty.

In addition to natural beauty, visitors of Krasnodar Territory will find a lot of showplaces. Fans of history can visit the ancient settlements of Gorgippia that are in Anapa and of Fanagoria - on the Taman peninsula. The great interest of tourists is attracted by so-called dolmens - stone structures of the Bronze Age. Then and there, lovers of the antique can visit temples and monasteries of the Krasnodar Territory, such as the Chapel of St. Sergius of Radonezh, which is near Gelendzhik.

Museums lovers will also find many interesting things for themselves on the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar Territory. Lermontov’s House-Museum in Taman’, Memorial Museum of Ostrovskiy, the Archaeological Museum - Preserve, located in Anapa, Sochi City History Museum, and other museums of the Territory will lift the veil of history and tell a lot of new and interesting things about our country.

A huge advantage of the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar Territory is limitless potential for the rest and tourism, by which nature has showered resort towns; Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk.
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