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Anapa is one of the most interesting and picturesque places of the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar Krai. Surprising landscapes, the pure sea and infinite sandy beaches are an integral part of this resort area.

The climate in Anapa is subtropical, moderately damp and warm. In summer the open area is blown up by sea breezes which soften the heat of the day. Anapa is considered one of the sunniest places of Kuban, the quantity of sunny days here reaches 350 days in a year. Here it is possible to be on holiday all the year round but the active swimming season lasts from May to the beginning of November.

The sea at the Anapa coast is the most ecologically clean in the Black Sea basin. Here are the well-known Anapa beaches of white quartz sand. The Anapa resort is located in the northern part of the Black Sea coast and represents a rare combination of the seaside foothill and steppe areas. There are estuaries, salty lakes, healing mineral and dirt springs in its territory .

Anapa is famous for its exceptionally interesting history. The main historical sight of this resort is the unique archaeological memorial-preserve Gorgippia founded on the site of the large seaport of the Bosporsky kingdom which existed from the IV century BC till the III century AD. The ancient city got its name from the imperial deputy Gorgipp Bosporsky. The Gorgippia Square was more than 40 hectares and had wall fortifications. Now the ancient settlement is situated in the center of the modern city of Anapa. The city quarters, rich burials are partially dug out. In the Gorgippia's memorial-reserve in the open-air one can see the streets paved with stone, the bases and walls of the dwellings, remains of workshops, wineries, fish-salting bathtubs, marble slabs with the inscriptions, sarcophagi of the local nobility taken from the necropolis etc. That's the only excavation of the antique city in the open-air like this in Russia.

Anapa is a wonderful place at the Black Sea coast where everyone can find something interesting for himself. It is possible to visit historical and cultural monuments here, take a walk by the sea, have a rest on sandy beaches, take a mud cure. Also in Anapa there is a huge number of cafes and restaurants where one can taste Anapa wines in the tasting rooms. The Anapa area as a whole is a unique territory for wine growing and winemaking. The composition of the soil, climatic and other features allow to grow up magnificent grapes in the territory of the Anapa area and to make fine wines of it.
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