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Sochi is the largest and the most popular resort in Russia. Only in Sochi the sunny sea shore reminiscent of the Mediterranean beaches neighbours to snow-covered mountain peaks of Krasnaya Polyana resort which exceed 2000 m above sea level. Only in Sochi you need an hour's drive to get from summer to winter.

The weather in Sochi is unique: the most northern subtropics in the world adjacent to the eternal ice. The swimming season at the Sochi beaches lasts almost six months from May to October. Winter is very short here. That is why the Sochi resort is named the three seasons resort - spring, summer and fall.

In the outskirts of Sochi there are many beautiful places to see. For example, the mountain of Akhun, which is only 3 km away from the coast of the Black Sea. Mountain of Akhun attracts the attention of tourists as an interesting natural formation and sightseeing object long ago. Being the highest mountain located in close proximity to the sea, Akhun is a beautiful panoramic point. At the top of the mountain was built the tower with an observation deck; on top of which you find yourself in a completely different world. The breeze gives clean and cool air filled with aroma of forests, meadows and the sea. The bright blue sky, which here seems more intimate, sparkling snow-sparkling Caucasus Mountains, the feeling of height and wide open spaces - all this creates a special feeling of inspiration and unity with nature.

The plantation of the northermost tea in Dagomys also deserves attention. Beautiful places, museum, tea with honey and cakes - this is what awaits you at the Dagomys Tea Plantation. Many people here for the first time in their life see the growing tea tree and learn how to process the tea leaves. Russian tea party is a good old tradition: there's nothing better than a good company, steaming samovar, mouth-watering cakes, jam and Russian folk songs performed by folk music group.

The memorial house «Stalin summer house» is one of the main attractions in Sochi. Here you will hear the story of Stalin's life, and about the tragic fate of his family, feel the atmosphere of the time, and see the wax figure of Stalin.

The memorial house is located in the wonderful natural place. To find the most suitable place for the construction of Stalin's cottage in Sochi, were invited the best geologists and geographers of the Soviet Union. Such place was found. Three air flows are joined here: from the mountains, from the sea and pine forest, which creates the feeling of constant freshness and cleanness.

The arboretum in Sochi also deserves attention. It is an example of high garden art. The arboretum is the green treasury of Russian subtropics with more than 2,000 rare and exotic plants that were imported to the park from all over the world: North America, Asia Minor, Australia and East Africa, from the Mediterranean, Mexico, the Himalayas, Japan and China. In addition to the flora the arboretum is proud of its rare animals and birds, as well as the cable road with impressive views of the mountains and the sea, which are open for view on the top of the arboretum.

Of course, when visiting Sochi one must see Krasnaya Polyana,too. Krasnaya Polyana is a unique ski resort of international level, the capital for the Winter Olympic Games of 2014. In Krasnaya Polyana tourists are attracted by snowy slopes for snowboarding and skiing, weightless, downy snow, a rare mountain and sea climate, and, of course, the magnificent nature: the breathtaking mountain scenery, wild rivers, lakes with crystal clear water, ancient glaciers, unique forests.

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